Friday, February 21, 2020

Paddle Boarding Puppy..

Soo Cute - He loVes it..Paddle Boarding Puppy - Yes, One day for sure.. Weather is almost Summer perfect...

The Perfect Summers Trip through the Rocky Mountains

A Perfect Summer's Trip through B.C. & Alberta to see the Fantastic Rocky Mountains, stopping along the way - with Amazing sights to see, Bears, and even Capturing Beautiful Photography...

Fantastic Memories from EXPO86

Who remembers this. Of course you do - EXPO’86 - it was AWESOME...I especially liked ExpoErnie

Town in California has a DOG for a Mayor…

Awesome...Looks like a Good Boy to.. I wonder if Sunny would have done it...How Neat is this? Love his Tie... 😎

Road Trips ~ Best of Vancouver Island

Awesome Video & Photography here, Capturing sights on Vancouver Island... Check out this Amazing Site: