Wednesday, November 20, 2019

NEW ~ Flash Photo Gallery

July 16 2012 Visit the New Flash Photo Gallery ~  FOD is very excited to bring this Photo Gallery ~ built solely on Flash. And, be sure to "Like" the NEW Facebook FOD Photo Fan Page. (To see the Flash Gallery ~ click Read More below) After...

Sunny Summers Saturday on the west coast

Sunny Summers Saturday on the west coast

Sunny Summer

Beginning of August and having lovely summer sunny days. Cant believe its been a few month since posting. Having a busy time with Focus One Design, and there always seems to be something on the go… Enjoying summer activities and making use of the sun while...

iPhone and Andriod ~ Mobile

Just installed the iPhone app and Android to. Blogging on the go!

April/May 2011

Good news, I can now pull photos from my Smug Mug site… More details to follow.