Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Moraine Lake, Alberta – Fantastic @ any time of Year…

Beautiful Video & Photography here of Moraine Lake - Rocky Mountains of Canada...near Banff, Alberta...There's even a whole gallery of Alberta @ http://FODPhotoSite.com....Do Check it Out

Beautiful Rocky Mountain Scenery.. Not just for Winter any more…

Beautiful Rocky Mountain Scenery of Moraine Lake, Alberta...Not just for Winter any more... Did You Know there is an extensive Alberta Media Gallery among these pages?

Destination of the Year ~ Canada 2018

Fantastic & Awesome....For those not in Canada right now - it is the place to come and visit and/or stay....Wonderful destination of choice.....Remember more Great media at FOD Travel & PhotoSite - http://FODPhotoSite.com

Stormy Seas with full Arch Rainbow

Travels from Around the World -> Wonderful Photo of Stormy seas with Full Ache Rainbow.... (not my pic - just had to share)... Remember more GREAT media can be found at FOD Travel & PhotoSite at http://FODPhotoSite.com - with "new" media coming soon... Do keep a watchful eye...

Breathtaking Scenery ~ Canada Video

Awesome video of Canada - Photographs from around the country...Truly Breathtaking Scenery.... https://www.facebook.com/EntreMerEtMontagne/videos/704804256360052/ Remember more great media at FOD Travel & PhotoSite @ http://fodphotosite.com